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A mega-project is planned in Dubai to get the population to use alternative means of mobility. It protects people from weather conditions in Dubai. It’s called The Loop, and it’s developed by the design studio Urb.

The project looks like a “glass tunnel” similar to those in airports around the world. The construction allows cyclists and those who want to run or walk to share the temperature-controlled green space.

Covered cycling tracks in Dubai will cover an area of 93 kilometers (ca. 58 miles). The type of infrastructure should be a pleasant, sustainable mode of transport regardless of the weather conditions.

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Infrastructure that promotes cycling adoption is a must. Dubai doesn’t prove that anything is possible as long as we don’t plan.

Active mobility is one of the essential components for creating healthy and livable cities. Over the past few years, Dubai has strived to become the most livable city in the world. As such, urban mobility has become a key priority.

VIDEO: The Loop Dubai

The Loop will shift Dubai’s main mode of transport from cars and taxis to walking or cycling.

Cycling has gained quite a few enthusiasts in several countries in Europe, as well as in the US. More and more, people see this activity on two wheels as a viable alternative to using cars.

The Loop will pass through key locations in Dubai

The Loop is currently only in the planning stages, but when it is ready it will pass through numerous key locations in Dubai. Electric bicycles and electric scooters will also be allowed.

The Loop aims to connect more than 3 million residents using a healthy mode of transport, services, and locations by walking and cycling within minutes.

The plan for The Loop is for the entire structure to be built on stilts, above city traffic. With the United Arab Emirates home to the world’s largest indoor ski area called Ski Dubai, The Loop project could soon become a reality.

The project will produce only electricity

The steps of passers-by will be transformed into renewable energy. Treadmills are integrated with kinetic paving, which draws usable energy with every step. The technology works by using electromagnetic induction generators that are moved vertically by the weight of a person’s steps. This displacement movement creates energy. This is then sent to generators as usable electricity.

Energy-harvesting floors are made from recycled car tires, which are left to be stepped on, thus resulting in kinetic energy.

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Traffic jams, safety, air pollution, noise, and high CO2 emissions are some of the challenges that many cities struggle to cope with.

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