Car recalls

You can check if there are car recalls for your electric vehicle in the table below. These are the EU alert system for electric cars in Europe (EV recalls). Problems increase the risk of an accident, said the European Commission.

Drivers report significant reliability issues with their electric vehicles. Electric SUVs are currently ranked as the least reliable car type.

Battery issues, climate control, and in-car electronics are among the biggest concerns in electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles can develop issues, malfunctions, and defects that prompt the manufacturer to issue a recall.

Electric cars are actually shown to break down less than combustion vehicles, as they have fewer moving parts. They also require less maintenance and fewer fluids, and their brake systems generally last longer due to regenerative braking.

It’s free to check a recall and free to repair at a dealer. Check if there is an outstanding vehicle safety recall on your electric car.

Car recalls check


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